Breathing Excercise

WITH BREATHING, NUTRITION AND MEDITATION– C. Donaldson, MMQ Questions from chat, January 29, 2022

1. Can you explain the benefits of black seed? 

I’m not aware of any detailed studies on black seed oil. 

2. I’m curious, where do purchase or get the food you eat (grocery store or farm recommendations)? 

a) For farms google “CSA Farm Share Near Me.”  

b) You should try to eat mostly (if not all) organic foods. Please try to stay away from processed foods,  foods with various types of coloring, and foods that have preservatives added to it. 

3. What is the role of plants and clean air in this process? 

Plants release oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. There are some studies that report plants also help to  clean the air. 

4. On managing oneself: how do we carefully give compassion to ourselves when disappointed by own  actions? 

There are various ways. The one true piece of advice I can give is to be kind to yourself.

5. Should one try to find a source of clean, non-polluted air in their routine…Walk in the park?

Practicing outside is as organic as you can get when practicing these exercises. 

6. What is the value of Beets? 

They are rich in folate (vitamin B9). This helps the cells in the body grow and function appropriately.  Beets play a key role in controlling damage to blood vessels. This alone can reduce the risk of heart  disease and stroke.  

7. Very informative. how about chickens and bees in city? 

Bees are very helpful because they pollinate food crops. So, if there are city gardens, they help the  pollination process of plant growth and health. 

8. What did our ancestors do to stay healthy especially during slavery? 

Various forms of meditation and strict dieting. 

9. How did our Ancestors survive the flu of 1918-1922? 

I don’t know this information.